Teaching Assistant Course – Will Coronavirus Affect My Study

Our Teaching Assistant course is a government regulated qualification from the Department of examinations Ofqual.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, Ofqual have released an extended extraordinary framework adaptations to all of their Teaching Assistant qualifications.

Award Course

For the knowledge-based requirements of the teaching assistant award course, these qualifications can still be assessed using the appropriate assignments that are sent out with the course pack.

Certificate Course

For competency-based requirements of the teaching assistant course, assessment can now take place with reflective accounts. This may mean, where observation has been previously used, students can use an alternative method such as a reflective journal signed off by an expert witness.


Teaching Assistant Course Simulation

Students can also use simulation for all units. Simulation should not form the majority of the evidence for the assignment and should only be used where it is necessary to do so to produce evidence for the qualification. These are situations where, due to the current workplace circumstances, it is not part of the learner’s everyday workplace to undertake the activity being assessed.

Simulation should replicate the key characteristics in which the skill to be assessed is normally employed. The real working environment must provide conditions the same as the normal day to day working environment, with a similar range of demands, pressures and requirements for working.

For the purpose of a real work environment, it’s appropriate in the context of the learners job role for them to be working from home at the current time and not be in their school.

During this period of Coronavirus, any competency-based requirements of an applicable unit may be assessed through simulation and your reflective journal should still be signed off by a supervisor or manager and used as your evidence of performance criteria.

Full details of the Level 3 Award course can be found here:- https://www.brighter-learning.co.ukteaching-assistant-courses/cache-level-3-teaching-assistant-course/

Full details of this course from NCFE CACHE can be found here:- https://www.qualhub.co.uk/qualification-search/qualification-detail/ncfe-cache-level-3-award-in-supporting-teaching-and-learning-555

teaching assistant course

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